Message from the President of The University

When Thomas Jefferson designed the University of Virginia, he planned for separate housing for each professorship joined by "barracks for a certain portion of the students arranged around an open square of grass and trees" that would promote health, study, manners, morals, and order. Jefferson's university buildings deliberately locate teaching and learning within a living community, and the close identification of academic and civic life was fundamental to his University.

This Directory, which lists Lawn and Range room residents for the first time, demonstrates that Jefferson's hope has been fulfilled. The Lawn and Range rooms and the Pavilions each year create a new community as residents pursue and exchange their academic interests. The Directory photographs many published here for the first time as well- epitomize the kinds of social interaction fostered by Jefferson's design. For University alumni, the Lawn is a powerful symbol of the University's distinctive character. We hope to create a living record that will support a stronger community and an enlarged sense of possibilities for the future.

I am grateful to the many alumni who provided photographs, personal recollections, and other materials that went into this project.

John T. Casteen, III