Guide to Sources

The Lawn Resident Directory, 1895-1995 lists Lawn and Range residents by year and by room number. For the years between 1960 and 1995, our sources for this information include the University Alumni Association database, Housing Department records, and annual student directories; for the earlier years, our sources include Corks & Curls, the University Catalogue and the University Record, the U. S. Census, and annual student directories. We also sought information from alumni for whom we had identified Lawn or Range addresses.

The Alumni Association database initially yielded some 3,300 names of living alumni who lived on the Lawn or Ranges, the majority of whom attended the University after 1960. In 1959, the Housing Office also began to save student Lawn and Range addresses. Sometimes these two databases agreed with each other, sometimes they did not. For many rooms, however, both databases lacked student names. To reconcile differences between these two sources and to complete records for this later period, we turned to the University's annual student directories, checking our names against annual directory names and drawing missing names by Lawn and Range addresses.

For the years between 1895 and 1959, the earliest year for which the Housing Office had information, we turned to three additional sources: Corks & Curls, the University Catalogue and University Record, and student directories, which, until 1948, were prepared and published by the University Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA).

To confirm the data we compiled from these various written records, we mailed questionnaires in June 1995 to the 3,300 living alumni for whom we had Lawn and Range addresses; over 2,000 alumni responded, confirming addresses and years and in many cases offering additional information about their experiences as Lawn residents. In this Directory we include only those names and addresses we could verify with at least two sources.

As the Directory indicates, Lawn and Range rooms served a variety of purposes over the past 100 years. Until 1941, when World War II and the post-war years created new demand for student housing, Lawn and Range rooms frequently were used as offices by professors and administrators; we note these offices in the roster. Also, until 1950, sections of Levering Hall (which abuts Hotel F on the East Range) and Randall Hall were numbered as part of the East Range; the roster thus includes entries for East Range rooms 56 through 86 for the years 1895 through 1949.