Pavilion III

James A. Garnet, English, 1894-1897

Thomas H. Carter, Proctor, 1897-1904

Raleigh C. Minor, Law, 1905-1923

Virginia Ouarterly Review, 1925-1929

Graduate House, 1924-1953

Institute for Public Affairs, 1953-1954

A. F. McConochie, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 1955-1959

Gordon Whyburn, Mathematics, 1960-1970

Rutledge D. Vining, Economics, 1970-1979

Frank W. Finger, Psychology, 1979 -1985

John Rosenblum, Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, 1986-1994

William Harmon, Vice President, Student Affairs, 1994-present