Pavilion VIII

Charles S. Venable, Mathematics, 1885-1896

William H. Echols, Mathematics, 1897-1934

William M. Forrest, Biblical Literature, 1935-1939

Harvey E. Jordan, Dean, School of Medicine, 1939-1944

Office of the President, 1944-1984

Restoration, 1984-1986 (Classrooms, Two Faculty Apartments, and Univenity Guides Office opened)

Stephen Percy (Second Floor), Government and Foreign Affairs, 1986-1988

Robert Huskey (Ground Floor), Biology; Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 1986-1987

Patricia .M Lampkin (Second Floor), Associate Dean of Students, 1988-1992

Wayne Cozart (Second Floor), Alumni Affairs Officer, 1988-1992

Michael Thompson (Ground Floor), Assistant Director, Office of Career Planning and Placement, 1988-1990

Bernard Mayes (Ground Floor), Rhetoric and Communications; Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, 1990-present

Harry Y. Gamble (Second Floor), Religious Studies, 1992-present