Pavilion IX

William E. Peters, Latin, 1874-1903

Thomas Fitzhugh, Latin, 1905-1927

John L. Newcomb, Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 1930-1933; President of the University, (1933 1946)

J. Carroll Flippen, Dean, School of Medicine, 1934-1939

Llewellyn G. Hoxton, Physics, 1940-1948

Atcheson L. Hench, English, 1949-1962

Robert J. Harris, History and Government; Dean, Faculty ofArts and Sciences, 1963-1977

Norman J. Knorr, Medicine, 1977-1982

Robert Kellogg, English, 1983-1990

Harry Porter, Dean, School of Architecture, 1990-1994

William McDonough, Dean, School of Architecture, 1994-present