Lawn Resident Directory

Available through the University Bookstore

The Lawn Resident Directory 1895-1995 is available for purchase through the University of Virginia Bookstore. The 96-page Directory lists all Lawn and Range residents by year and by room; it also includes more than 40 vintage photographs-many published for the first time-as well as reminiscences of former student and faculty residents that illustrate life on the Lawn over the past 100 years. All proceeds from sales of the Directory will be used to support the restoration of the Academical Village.

To order your copy or a copy for someone as a gift, please call the University Bookstore at (800) 759-4667, fax (804) 982-2165, or write the University of Virginia Bookstore, Emmet Street, Charlottesville, VA 22904. The cost is $15, plus shipping and handling.