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Thomas Jefferson understood the power of art to instruct and enlighten, to delight the senses and touch the heart. In his famous letter to Joseph Priestley, Mr. Jefferson counted the fine arts among the "useful & practicable" subjects worthy of study. Although a lack of resources kept Jefferson from including the arts among the branches of knowledge originally taught at the University, today's students benefit from distinguished programs in the visual arts, drama, music and literature and a wealth of opportunities to enjoy art in all its forms.

Visual Arts

From student art, to travelling exhibitions, U.Va. features a variety of galleries on Grounds, including The Fralin Museum of Art, the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection, and many others. U.Va. also hosts the Virginia Film Festival.

Performing Arts

U.Va. is home to a wide range of performing arts venues and festivals to delight lovers of drama and dance. Musical performances and recordings and several concert series' make music available year round.

Literary Arts

The University and its environs create a rich literary landscape. The Department of English offers a schedule of readings and events, and U.Va. hosts noted literary journal The Virginia Quarterly Review and the Virginia Festival of the Book.

For more information about tickets, events and opportunities, explore the arts at U.Va.