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Current On-Grounds Enrollment

Student Enrollment, 2013-14 (On Grounds)
14,898 Undergraduate
6,340 Graduate
21,238 Total on Grounds

Undergraduate Students by Ethnic Category, 2013-14
6 percent African American
0.1 percent American Indian or Alaskan Native
12 percent Asian
5.7 percent Hispanic
0.02 percent Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
4.3 percent Multi-Race
28.4 percent Minority Sub-Total

Note: Beginning in 2013-14, students could choose more than one ethnicity and are counted above in each category that they selected. However, the data in the minority sub-total and total rows includes unique students only.

Undergraduate Student Characteristics, 2013-14
68 percent Virginia Residents
41 percent Living in University Housing
20.0 years Average Undergraduate Student Age
55 percent women; 45 percent men
Students come from 50 states and 147 foreign countries.

Retention Rates

97.0 percent

1-Year Retention Rate
(entering class of 2012 returning 2013)
87.1 percent 4 -Year Graduation Rate (entering class of 2009)
87.4 percent 4-Year Graduation Rate (entering class of 2008)
92.4 percent 6-Year Graduation Rate (entering class of 2007)
93.3 percent 6-Year Graduation Rate (entering class of 2006)

2013 Graduation Rates by Ethnic Category (6-year rates)
82.8 percent African American
94.0 percent Asian American
92.9 percent Hispanic American
87.5 percent International Non-Resident Foreign
83.3 percent Native American
94.7 percent Unknown/Unclassified
93.8 percent White American
† This is one of the highest African American graduation rates among major public institutions in America.