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The University of Virginia produces research of scientific, social, and economic value, drawing from the work of a unique consortium of innovators and problem solvers. U.Va. encourages collaboration between scientists and scholars across disciplines, resulting in new approaches to today's most urgent and significant social issues.

The School of Medicine supports and promotes basic, clinical, and translational investigation. The University sponsors seven research centers and six institutes and programs. The School of Medicine receives nearly 57 percent of the University's research awards.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) is focused on finding solutions that contribute to the creation of a sustainable future, realize engineering solutions to health-care challenges, improve infrastructure and improve security for society and for the individual. SEAS receives 19 percent of the University's research awards.

The College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (CLAS and GSAS) are leading producers of scholarly research in the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts. Over a dozen centers and institutes offer students and faculty the opportunity to advance topics of current social, scientific, or scholarly interest. CLAS and GSAS were awarded $38 million in 2014, nearly 15 percent of the total awards for the University.

Sponsored Research Awards. In fiscal year 2014, sponsored research awards totaled over $285 million from all sources, including federal and state agencies, industry and private foundations.

  • The National Institutes of Health made 139 awards to researchers at U.Va. totaling $49.4 million.
  • The National Science Foundation awarded a total of over $21 million to U.Va. in 81 awards.
  • Corporate partnerships account for $26 million of the University's total research awards.

Research Outreach. U.Va. research is disseminated through faculty member publications in scholarly journals, books, and University publications, including regularly updated websites, expert directories and locators, electronic newsletters, and publications produced by each of the eleven academic units.

For current U.Va. research in the news, faculty expertise and honors, and information about collaborative research projects, please visit U.Va.'s Research Web Site.