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Requests for Electronically Stored Information


Investigations and/or urgent business needs sometimes require the collection of electronic communications and files stored on University systems by employees or students. Access to electronically stored information (ESI) will only be done with proper approvals from authorizing UVA officials as listed below.

Requests pursuant to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) should be directed to the Public Affairs Office. More information on making FOIA requests can be found at www.virginia.edu/foia.

The Information Security, Policy and Records Office (ISPRO) leads the collection of ESI for all academic division (Agency 207) requests. ISPRO recognizes the often sensitive nature of both reports received and what is found during the course of an investigation. All members of the team will hold both reports and findings confidential consistent with both the letter and the spirit of the procedure described in this document and the rules of the disciplinary bodies involved. Academic Division Departmental system administrators should contact ISPRO to assume the lead role in any requests for ESI on their systems.

Requests for ESI concerning:

How to Request Electronically Stored Information

The procedures below reflect UVA policies for accessing ESI on University owned systems and computers. All requests for access may require additional review by the office of the University's General Counsel.

UVA policies directing these procedures include:

To ensure that ISPRO preserves information requested, you may wish to notify it-policy@virginia.edu in advance about your intent to request information. Be specific about what you request. A specific request will speed delivery of information to you and will provide you with information that is pertinent to your needs. Should you request information that covers a large time period, it may take longer to gather the information and the volume of the information may preclude its being useful to you.

ISPRO will release ESI to the requestor only after it has been advised by the approving officials listed below that the requestor has completed the appropriate approval/legal processes.

Law Enforcement, Government Officials, and Others Outside the University Community

Law enforcement, government officials and others outside the University community usually will need to provide legal orders (normally search warrants or subpoenas) to obtain ESI. These documents should be delivered to:

General Counsel
University of Virginia
Madison Hall
P.O. Box 400225
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904-4225
Phone 434-924-3586
Fax 434-982-3020

Some federal legislation requires additional processes, but any requests received must go to the General Counsel for review.

Honor Committee and Judiciary Committee Members, Investigators Acting Under the University’s Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence, and Faculty Conducting Individual Student-Academic-issue Investigations

Members of the University's Honor Committee or Judiciary Committee, investigators acting under the University's Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence, or faculty conducting individual student-academic-issue investigations will make requests for ESI through the University's Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer, who will review it and instruct ISPRO about responding.

University of Virginia Administrators in Employee Disciplinary Investigations or Urgent Business Need

University administrators investigating incidents as part of faculty or staff disciplinary processes or dealing with business continuity issues needing access to ESI will need to obtain appropriate authorization. The appropriate approval to access ESI, as required by University policy, is by the President or Vice President (or equivalent) responsible for the affected employees.

For additional information:

If you have questions about what ESI is available and/or how to make a request not answered by the above information, please contact ISPRO at it-policy@virginia.edu.

Approved by ITS Policy Director January 17, 2001

Revised: December 12, 2015; April 8, 2013; September 19, 2012