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Thomas Jefferson's Academical Village University of Virginia

Map of the Lawn

Restoration Internships

Historic Landscape Interns Helping to Restore the Rotunda in 2000

Providing each pavilion with a different set of classical details, Thomas Jefferson designed the University's first buildings to serve as models for architectural instruction. Today his Academical Village continues to play an educational role, serving as a laboratory where students are exposed to the latest techniques and standards of historic preservation.

Student interns Scott Sottile and Bronwen Ferguson took part in the restoration of Lawn rooms and of Pavilion VII in the summer of 1999. When restoration of the stone decks around the Rotunda began in the summer of 2000, interns Erin Hannegan and Katherine Dyll conceived and executed an ingenious design for a painted plywood fence surrounding the construction. The fence appears to be the actual walls of the building, with such details as fan windows, keystones, red bricks, and climbing ivy. Ms. Hannegan and Ms. Dyll also assisted in the renovation, maintenance, and restoration work on Pavilion VII and the student rooms between Pavilion III and Pavilion V. Marissa Cato and Steve Cornell worked in the summer of 2001 to restore student rooms East Lawn 36-52 and to prepare measured drawings for Hotel C.

Historic Landscape Interns Helping to Document the Evolution of the Grounds from 1932-1946

Historic landscape student interns, meanwhile, investigated and documented the evolution of the University Grounds.

In the summer of 1999, Chad Nelson, Sarah Dreller, and Jennifer Mauss explored what the Grounds were like during the presidency of Edwin Anderson Alderman from 1917 to 1931.

Historic landscape interns Courtney LaRuffa, Tim Kerr, and Danny MacNelly in the summer of 2000 investigated the years 1932 to 1946, when John Lloyd Newcomb was president.

Spencer Hayneworth and Jaime Lawson, in the summer of 2001, researched the development of the University landscape during the yeara of Colgate Darden's presidency, 1947 to 1959.

Many changes occurred during these years: expansion of the University into North Grounds, construction of New Cabell Hall, and restoration of the pavilion gardens. Each intern conducted individual research and/or drawing projects related to the landscapes in these years.

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