June 1993


The following resolution was adopted:

WHEREAS the State revised enrollment plan now calls for growth in the number of University students by the end of the 1994-96 biennium; and

WHEREAS the Board believes that maintenance of the excellence of the University and its improvement is its primary duty and that any growth must be planned and financed so as to permit that duty to be performed;

RESOLVED that undergraduate enrollment in the University be increased by approximately 400 headcount students by 1995-96 compared with the 1992-93 academic year, and that all growth shall maintain the current mix of in-state and out-of- state students; and

RESOLVED FURTHER that the University will request general fund appropriations equal to the State's share of the educational and general cost related to the additional students as part of its 1994-96 biennial budget; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this resolution reaffirms the January 1990 action of the Board of Visitors pertaining to enrollment growth and resources, except for the provision as stated above.

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