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June 2009  

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In this Issue

Stroke Lecture Termed a "Real Life Saver" Kevin Lee Lecture
Professor Kevin Lee, Chair and Harrison Foundation Professor of Neuroscience, addresses strategies to avoid and survive a stroke. READ MORE

Collaborating to Fight Alzheimer's Disease: Integrated Approaches to Research, Treatment and Caregiving
Cutting-edge research on Alzheimer's disease was the focus of a June conference featuring internationally renowned speakers on causes, diagnosis and treatments for this devastating illness. READ MORE

Making Central Virginia A Great Place to Age GBRG
The Institute held a forum showcasing community-based research which brings together leaders from the University, government and area service agencies to address the critical challenges facing the aging population of Virginia and beyond. READ MORE

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New Initiatives in Aging at the University of Virginia
The Institute is supporting exciting new programs in senior driving safety and mobility, dementia, and leadership training in aging services. READ MORE

Institute on Aging to Host International Life Academy in 2010.

Brian Wiltgen, Assistant Professor in the U.Va. Psychology Department, will attend the Summer Institute on Aging Research sponsored by the National Institute on Aging. READ MORE

Upcoming Events


Aging 101 - How Do We Avoid Diabetes and its Complications as We Age?

The fall series will start with a lecture featuring Dr. Eugene J. Barrett, Director of the U.Va. Diabetes Center. The date and venue will be announced soon.



Institute on Aging Teams University Researchers with Health Care Technology Company to Develop Novel Sensor Devices for the Elderly

Report by Darden, Architecture School Team Aims to Ease the Flow of Local Foods

Cognitive Decline Begins in Late 20s, U.Va. Study Suggests