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This following are faculty and staff at UVA currently engaged in research, teaching, treatment or service, who are interested in collaboration and communication in aging issues. If you would like to be added to the list, please contact us.

Name Email Department Specialty Links
Ed Berger berger@virginia.edu Mechanical Engineering Cholesterol and aging diseases link
George Bloom gsb4g@Virginia.EDU Biology, Cell Biology Cellular basis of Alzheimer’s link
Steve Boker smb3u@virginia.edu Psychology Quantitative research methodologies; postural control link
Brian Conway bpc@virginia.edu Opthalmology Age-related macular degeneration  
Daniel J. Cox djc4f@virginia.edu Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences Assessing and Enhancing driving safety link
Glenn A. Gaesser gag2q@virginia.edu Exercise Physiology Kinesiology, aging fitness, muscular efficiency, metabolism link
Stephanie Guerlain guerlain@virginia.edu Systems Engineering Patient safety and human factors engineering  
Jeffrey Holt jeffholt@virginia.edu Neuroscience, Otolaryngology Age-related hearing loss link
Bob Kemp rsk@virginia.edu Accounting Accounting and financial aspects of pensions link
Richard Lindsay rwl3w@virginia.edu Internal Medicine Personnel and training  
Brad Miller bm6b@virginia.edu Pathology Age-related neurogenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s  
Cindy Parnell chp3z@virginia.edu Cardiovascular Rehab and Wellness Exercise physiology, fall prevention, mobility and independence  
David Phillips dlp@virginia.edu Urban and Environmental Planning Mapping of activities and services for the elderly link
Margaret Plews-Ogan mp5k@virginia.edu Geriatrics and Palliative Care Patient safety, alternative medicine, patient-doctor relationships  
John Quale quale@virginia.edu Architecture Affordable and sustainable housing for the elderly link
Catherine Ratliffe crr9m@virginia.edu Nursing Geriatric wounds, telemedicine  
Arie Rijke amr@virginia.edu Materials Science Effects of aging on functional properties of ligaments and tendons  
Tim Salthouse   Psychology Cognitive processes of aging link
Pradip Sheth pns7q@virginia.edu Mechanical Engineering Mobility Aids for the Elderly  
Jeffrey S. Smith jss5y@virginia.edu Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics   link
Mircea Stan mrs8n@virginia.edu Electrical and Computer Engineering Computer aids for memory loss  
Bethany Teachman bteachman@virginia.edu Psychology Anxiety and obsessional thinking in older populations  
Anita Thompson-Heisterman aat8a@Virginia.EDU Nursing – Community and Mental Health Mental health, health promotion interventions  
Dorothy Tullmann dft6f@virginia.edu Nursing Critical care, delirium and dementia  
Julie Davis Turner jdt4n@virginia.edu Microbiology Immunity loss  
Sharon Utz swu2q@virginia.edu Nursing Diabetes education, rural health care  
Cindy Westley cjw2s@virginia.edu Health System – Patient Education Transitions to nursing homes  
Ishan Williams lcw8t@virginia.edu Nursing Family caregiving of older adults with dementia; health care access and treatment  
Ron Williams rdw@virginia.edu Electrical and Computer Engineering    
Brenda Wilson blw2c@virginia.edu Faculty & Employee Assistance Program Geriatric Care Management, Eldercare; counseling on elder caregiving  
Tim Wilson tdw@virginia.edu Psychology Social psychology, effective forecasting and emotional regulation  
Andy Wolf aw6a@virginia.edu General Medicine Prescribing practices, cancer screening  

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