U.Va. Courses on Aging

College of Arts and Sciences

Anthropology ANTH 234 Anthropology of Life and Death
Biology BIOL 314 Biology of Aging
Philosophy PHIL 154 Issues of Life and Death
Psychology PSYC 343 Psychology of Aging
PSYC 446 Women's Issues in Clinical Psychology
PSYC 449 Sexual Orientation and Human Development
Slavic Studies SLFK 212 Ritual and Family Life
Sociology SOC 220 Death and Dying


Biomedical Sciences

Neuroscience NESC 720 Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

Curry School of Education

Human Services EDHS 445 Motor Development
EDHS 450 Contemporary Health Issues
EDHS 451 Emergency Medical Care
EDHS 453 Nutrition
EDHS 451 Exercise Physiology
Leadership/Policy EDLF 727 Adult Development


School of Law

Law LAW7 790 Aging and the Law
LAW7 818 Advocacy Clinic for the Elderly


School of Nursing

Undergraduate Nursing NUCO 331 Nursing Care of the Chronically Ill Adult
NUIP 320 Health Care Needs of the Aging Client
NUCO 360 Oncology and End of Life Nursing
NUO 473 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
NUC 474 Community Health Nursing
Graduate Nursing GNUR 592 Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Seminar
GNUR 593 Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Seminar
GCNL 511 Nursing Care of Adults and Older Adults
GNUR 847 Rural Health and Health Care Systems


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