Funding Available for Aging Course Development

The Institute on Aging announces the availability of funding for the development of a course related to aging at the University of Virginia. One of the Institute's goals is to serve as an information resource about aging issues, and to contribute to providing comprehensive education in gerontology and innovative practice in geriatrics. This funding opportunity is in support of that goal.

Funding is available to investigators from all disciplines at the University of Virginia over a period of 12 months to be used for items such as faculty summer support, a teaching assistant, and purchase of materials. The course should be planned to be taught for at least three semesters and can be on virtually any topic related to aging. Examples might include: Age and Aging in Literature, Adult and Elderly Nutrition, Public Policy and the Elderly, Older Consumers and their Behavior, Aging and Art, and the Perception of Aging throughout History.

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