Exploring Voting Among Citizens in Long-Term Care in Virginia

OCTOBER 10, 2008
Exploring Voting Among Citizens in Long-Term Care in Virginia.

Location: Caplin Pavilion - Uva Law School - 580 Massie Rd. Charlottesville, Virginia

A One-Day Conference at the University of Virginia Sponsored by the UVA Institute on Aging

How does voting occur in nursing homes and assisted living facilities?  Nationwide, more than three million senior citizens reside in nursing homes, including an estimated 68,000 in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and even more live in assisted-living settings.  What sorts of policies are in place to assist these older citizens in registering to vote and casting a ballot?  What kinds of procedures guard against voting fraud?  What changes can improve political participation by people living in long-term care settings?  An estimated 5 million senior citizens nationwide have Alzheimer’s disease, a number that is expected to rise dramatically in coming years.  Who decides whether these citizens are qualified to vote?

This conference will address such questions, and shed light on an important set of issues that receive little public attention.  This event will bring together the leading researchers in the field, policy makers and providers, and representatives of advocacy groups, who will investigate the challenges and solutions surrounding voting by citizens in long-term care.

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