External Grant Awards

Investigator(s) Topic Sponsor
John Nesselroade, Psychology Training in Quantitative Modeling in Aging National Institute on Aging
Timothy Salthouse, Psychology Effects of Aging on Executive Processes: Short-Term Cognitive Change in Adults from 18 to 80 National Institute on Aging
Jeffrey S. Smith, Biochemistry Calorie Restriction-Mediated Life Span Extension in Yeast National Institute on Aging
Heidi Scrable, Neuroscience The Sir2-p53-IGF Link in Mammalian Life-Span Control National Institute on Aging
D. Casey Kerrigan, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Age Related Gait Change and Hip Flexibility National Institute on Aging
Shelly Jackson, Psychiatric Medicine; Thomas Hafemeister, Law Financial Abuse of the Elderly vs. Other forms of Elder Abuse: Assessing their Dynamics, Risk Factors, and Society’s Response National Institute of Justice
Courtney Lyder, Nursing Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Advanced Education Nursing Program National Institute on Aging
Jeffrey Holt, Neuroscience Carman Trust Identification of the Molecular Basis of Sensory Signaling in the Ear
Bethany Teachman, Psychology Age Differences in the Predictors of, and Responses to, Anxiety Systems Max Planck Institute – Maxnet Aging
Shigehiro Oishi, Psychology Age and Cultural Variations in Anticipated and Actual Levels of Well-Being: Would I be Happier in Florida? Max Planck Institute – Maxnet Aging
Leora Friedberg, Economics Preferences, Plans and Decision-making Capacity as Respondents Age in the Health and Retirement Study Max Planck Institute – Maxnet Aging
Abhinav Chhabra, Orthopedics Tendon Repair: Polymer-Mediated Growth Factor Delivery National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS)
Cato T. Laurencin, Orthopedics Polymer/Ceramic Composites for Tissue Engineering: Musculosketetal Tissue Repair and Regeneration NIAMS
Xudong Li, Orthopedics GDF-5 Regulation in Intervertebral Disc Degeneration NIAMS
Shyr-Te, Rheumatology End Organ Failure Controlled by IL-2 and Fas NIAMS
Paul Freedman, Politics Voting and Dementia in Virginia Long-Term Care Facilities Virginia Commonwealth University
Daniel Keenan, Statistics Actions of Testosterone on the Aging Mail GH Axis Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Karen Rheuban, Continuing Medical Education Southwest Virginia Alliance for Telemedicine Department of Health and Human Services
Timothy Wilson, Psychology Affective Forecasting Harvard University

Projects Jointly Funded by the Institute on Aging and Jefferson Area Board for Aging

John Quale, Architecture; Paxton Marshall, Engineering EcoMOD III Project: Aging and the Built Environment Community-based Research Award
Claire Curry, Law; John Evans, Medicine; James Roche, Medicine A Population-Based Study of Elder Mistreatment: Epidemiology, Associated Factors, and Trends over Time Community-based Research Award
Charlotte McDaniel; James Roche Collaborative Communities in Long Term Care: Charting a Pathway to Improved Care Community-based Research Award

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