Major Research Programs

Departments, Centers and Laboratories with major research programs in aging:

Program Topics Key Investigators
College of Arts & Sciences
Salthouse Cognitive Aging Laboratory Normal cognitive aging, memory loss, dementia Timothy Salthouse
Proffitt Perception Laboratory Brain imaging; Computer aids for memory; Gait studies Dennis Proffitt
Center for Developmental and Health Research Methodology Quantitative research methodologies; Life-span development, dynamical systems modeling, John R. Nesselroade, Steven Boker
Bloom Laboratory Cell biological basis of Alzheimer’s Disease George Bloom
School of Medicine
Geriatric Medicine and Palliative Care Patient care; End of life care, ethics; Medication and quality of care Margaret Plews-Ogan, Leslie Blackhall, Khalil Amir, Jonathan Evans
Memory Disorders Program Alzheimer’s Disease; Dementia Drug Development; Neurobiology of memory processes and age-related memory impairment David S. Geldmacher, Carol Manning
Center for the Study of Neurodegenerative Diseases Genetic, biochemical and physiological abnormalities in neurodegenerative disease; Mitochondria in aging and neurodegenerative disease James P. Bennett, W. Davis Parker, Jeremy Tuttle
Medical Automation Research Center In-home monitoring systems, eldercare robotics Robin Felder
Gait and Motion Laboratory Mobility, fear of falling, and quality of life for the elderly population, supervised exercise
Exercise Physiology Laboratory Exercise and aging Art Weltman
Endocrinology Diabetes and aging Eugene Barrett
Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences Depressions, psychotic disorders Suzanne Holroyd, Samia Sabeen
Corwin Laboratory Neural regeneration for hearing loss, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological disorders Jeffrey Corwin
Holt Laboratory Gene therapy for hearing loss Jeffrey Holt
School of Nursing
Acute and Speciality Care Geriatric Nursing, Wound care; Community health; Delirium and dementia Karen Rose, Dorothy Tullman, Kathryn Haugh
Rural Health Care Research Center Family caregivers, end-of life decision-making Ishan Williams, Cathy Campbell
Family, Community and Mental Health Systems Geropsychiatric Nursing Anita Thompson-Heisterman
Center for the Study of Complementary and Alternative Therapies Yoga and post-menopause studies Ann Taylor, Kim Innes, and Cheryl Bourguignon
School of Law
Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy Elder Abuse, Voting and Dementia Thomas Hafemeister, Richard Bonnie
Advocacy Clinic for the Elderly Elder abuse and neglect Richard Bonnie, Claire Curry
School of Architecture
EcoMOD Program Affordable and sustainable housing John Quale
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Human Computer Interaction Patient Safety, Human Factors Stephanie Guerlain
The Walker Project Pedestrian Mobility Aids Glenn Wasson, Pradip Sheth
Electrical and Computer Engineering Computer assistive technologies; Cognitive assessment monitoring tools; Wearable sensors for non-invasive monitoring Mircea Stan, James Aylor, John Lach
AlarmNet Wireless sensor networks for assisted living and residential monitoring John A. Stankovic, Sang Son, Kamin Whitehouse
Center for Applied Biomechanics Elderly crash protection Richard Kent
Biomedical Engineering Non-invasive medical imaging; Patholody of disease processes in the brain David Manka, Jack Knight-Scott

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