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Gifts to the Institute will help us meet three primary goals: to serve as an information resource about aging issues; to assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs addressing the needs of older adults; and to promote basic and applied research on topics related to aging. 

Your support will foster innovative research and discovery, and incorporate the study of aging into the curriculum as a legitimate field in every discipline.  This investment will make it possible for the next generation to benefit from instruction, real-world learning experiences, independent research, leadership and service activities.
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Enhancement of Research

Centers of Excellence: We are seeking funds to support interdisciplinary groups of investigators working on issues that will have a major impact on the lives of people of all ages.  Each center will have a novel focus, it will capitalize on existing strengths within the University, and its activities will have the potential of achieving international eminence.  Private investment will develop the basic research infrastructure including laboratory facilities, equipment, and recruitment of teams of faculty and students to generate new discoveries, treatments, policies, and technologies.    

Development of Interdisciplinary Working Groups: The field of aging is unique in that it encompasses nearly every discipline. However, it is often difficult for individuals to cross disciplinary boundaries to engage in collaborative research. The Institute on Aging will  encourage this type of interdisciplinary collaboration by providing funds for the formation of interdisciplinary groups and to bring in outside speakers and consultants.

Pilot Research Programs: Funds are provided to faculty members to conduct preliminary studies to demonstrate the feasibility of new ideas and approaches. Most successful applications for federal funding now include results from preliminary research on the proposed topic, and this program is designed to support the collection of data that will increase the likelihood of funding.

Post-Doctoral Fellows: This program will support young investigators developing careers in aging.  They will receive support to do research and training with senior faculty members at the University of Virginia.

Community Based Research:    Support will allow us to expand this important and successful program.  New funds will enable us to fund student assistants through the academic year as well as summer, to support multi-year initiatives, and to increase the number of annual awards. 

Enhancement of Education

Education: In order to deal with the aging population it is essential that many more people receive education and training in the field of aging. This program will expand the number of academic courses offered on topics related to aging by providing funds to existing faculty to develop new courses, and by assisting in the recruiting and hiring of new faculty.   Another goal is the development of an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in gerontology or geriatrics.

The School of Nursing is undertaking a major campaign to advance its program in gerontology nursing.  To learn more about the objectives of this program, see

Fellowships for Undergraduate and Graduate Students: This program will offer scholarships to talented students who are interested in pursuing a career related to aging. Undergraduates would be required to take 2-3 directly related courses and express an interest in pursuing a career related to aging. Graduates would be required to pursue aging related research.

Distinguished Speakers Series: At least once a year the Institute on Aging sponsors a lecture by a leading researcher in the field of aging. The goal of these talks is to provide state-of-the-art information on a topic related to aging to an audience from a broad variety of backgrounds.

Visiting Scholars: Funds would be used to supplement the salaries of short-term visitors who engage in collaborative research with faculty members at the University of Virginia and also teach a course on a topic related to aging. 

Enhancement of Service and Policy

Community Lecture Series: Support a popular lecture series in which UVa faculty members describe their research on topics related to aging.  Series includes six lectures per year in Charlottesville venues. 

Policy: Organize and conduct workshops to discuss important societal issues (e.g. retirement, care giving) and consider potential policies. 

Resource for University-based services and programs related to aging: (e.g. Elder Law Clinic, Senior Services). 

Combined Enhancement of Research, Education, and Service

General Support of the Institute: we seek to develop an endowment fund to support ongoing operations of the Institute.  The primary objective is to employ and train a professional staff to build new programs and enhance communications and outreach activities. 

Endowed Chairs: Funds are needed to attract and support internationally recognized experts in the field of aging to teach and do research at the University of Virginia.

Faculty Recruitment Fund: Money to contribute to the salary of new faculty with research interests in aging for a period of up to three years.

For more information on how to support Aging Programs at UVA, please contact the Institute on Aging, Email:, Tel: 434-243-5695.


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