Math and Science

Aerospace Engineering Subject Guide

A search that provides articles from a variety of aeronautical and astronautical databases, as well as from Google Scholar and Virgo.


Search databases to quickly find useful Astronomy articles.

The Sky Tonight

Heavens Above provides a guide to the night sky (be sure to customize for your location and time).


Bad Astronomy

Exposes common myths and misconceptions about astronomy and related topics. (Recommended by Prof. Ed Murphy. The creator, Phil Plait, received his PHD from U.Va. in 1994)

Biology/Psychology Library

Bio/Psych research databases, journals and library services.


Article databases and links to useful resources on the subject of chemistry.



U.Va. Bay Game

A large-scale participatory simulation based on the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

U.Va. Climatology Office

A research and service unit that provides government, educational, industry, media, and individual clients with information on the impact of weather and climate on economic and ecologic systems.

U.Va. Library Mathematics Resources

Links to a wide variety of websites about math and mathematics history

Mechanical Engineering Subject Guide

Search databases, Google Scholar and VIRGO to quickly find useful Mechanical Engineering articles. Also, links to other subject matter databases.

Systems and Information Engineering

Engineering Library blog, a collection of useful links selected by University librarians, and the Engineering and Science Research Journal

Physics Resources

Links to physics research databases.

YouTube: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Videos