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VA-NC LSAMP @ Virginia Tech

MAOP Summer Internship 2009


Virginia Tech’s Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program (MAOP) has seven VA-NC LSAMP students participating in its’ ten-week Summer Research Internship (SRI.) Interns are conducting some dynamic research under the tutelage of VT faculty advisors in the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), Department of Biological Sciences (BS), and Forestry and Wildlife Sciences (FWS.) Interns are also participating in GRE preparation courses, networking luncheons, a weekend retreat, and activities. Their research will be presented at the MAOP and McNair Research Symposium on July 31, 2009 in the Graduate Life Center at Virginia Tech.  VA-NC LSAMP interns include Iriscilla Ayala-BS, Larissa Bridgers-FWS, Jasmine Bryant-FWS, Rachel Dunn-CVM, William Jordan-BS, Courtney Mosley-CVM, and Jarrett Wansley-FWS.

VA-NC LSAMP interns at work:

Courtney Mosley.JPGJarrett_Larissa_Jasmine.JPG

Courtney Mosley                                 Jarrett Wansley, Larissa Bridgers and Jasmine Bryant       

Rachel Dunn.JPG

Rachel Dunn (Conducting a turtle x-ray)

Courtney is researching the viability of roundworm, hookworm, and whipworm eggs in a washer-dryer setting to see if they survive, since pet owners are concerned with contracting zoonotic diseases (diseases transferred from animals to humans) from their dogs, which result from contact with the adult form of these eggs. Jasmine is researching weight change and body condition in female bog turtles. Jarrett is comparing the characteristics of areas selected as nest sites by female bog turtles to sites they did not select. Larissa will measure water level in wetlands to see whether woody vegetation results in a lower water table or more fluctuation in the water table. Rachel is studying the effect of probiotic bacteria on the integrity of intestinal epithelium.

 Iriscilla Ayala.JPGWilliam Jordan.JPG

Iriscilla Ayala                                                                  William Jordan

Iriscilla is researching is cue domain, studying the cue which is the tail end of the protein. Cue domain is part of the Tollip protein which plays a role in innate immunity and inflammation.  William’s research is focused on characterizing a gene known as TPS8 in Arabidopsis Thaliana. For his study, he is inserting it into a vector and placing in bacterial cells to induce the gene in the cells and determine the different substrates it uses and the specific products/proteins that the gene is producing.