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University of Virginia Alliance Students Take Advantage of Multiple Undergraduate Research Opportunities


With strong support from University of Virginia (U.Va.)faculty, the Center for Diversity in Engineering (CDE) has been able to place undergraduate students in research laboratories throughout the disciplines of enginering, biology, physics, neuroscience, chemistry, and computer science during the summer and the academic year.

Through these engaging experiences, undergraduate researchers benefit from daily, hands-on work in a laboratory research setting, under the guidance of faculty members and graduate students. Hiwot Wodesemayat (Biology '10) is just one of the many students who has taken advantage of this U.Va. Alliance opprtunity.

Throughout the 2008 - 2009 academic year, Hiwot worked as an LSAMP research assistant under the guidance of Professor Michael Menaker in the Department of Biology. During this time, she worked on several projects, including genotyping mice strains, behavioral assays for psychostimulant response, and dopamine transport models.

In order to delve deeper into her scientific research, Hiwot applied for and was accepted to participate in the summer 2009 U.Va. LSAMP Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) hosted by the School of Enginnering and Applied Science CDE. Upon completing the 2009 REU program, Hiwot continued to conduct research with Professor Menaker.

As Hiwot's research progressed and her results became more significant, she wanted to share them with others. She therefore applied to the More Graduate Education at Mountain States Alliance 8th Annual Research Conference, to be hosted at Arizona State University. Her abstract, The Content of Tyrosine Hydroxylase in the Striatum of Methamphetamine Administered Mice, has been accepted.

This wonderful news, and the information gathered from the 2009 REU graduate school admissions panel, encouraged Hiwot in her graduate school plans.

According to Wraegen Williams, Ph.D., CDE Research Associate, "this research experience enables STEM students to work with exceptional faculty, and to learn in depth about the complete graduate school experience - from completing and submitting the application to the Ph.D., and beyond."

On behalf of the U.Va. VA-NC Alliance, we congratulate Hiwot on her achievements as a researcher and a soon-to-be STEM graduate. We wish her much success in years to come!

For additional information about the U.Va. LSAMP REU, or to obtain an application for the 2010 program, please visit its website.

The U.Va. LSAMP REU deadline is February 17th, 2010.