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GMU-LSAMP students hold leadership positions, take

multiple awards across campus


GMU-LSAMP students are making their presence known across departments, during academic competitions, and to prospective employers! Examples from 2010 include:

  • Winner of Undergraduate Research Poster Session at Joint Mathematics Meetings (paper accepted for publication in a referee’s technical journal and/or presentation at technical journal
  • President of George Mason University’s Mathematics Club
  • President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Honors College Student Participant
  • Recipient of College of Science Leadership Scholarship
  • Recipient of Volgenau School of Engineering Dean’s Scholarship
  • Recipient of Vision Award for Academic Excellence
  • Recipient of Undergraduate Apprenticeship Program Award
  • Acquisition of DoD Top Secret Clearance while a student peer advisor and mentor

Among the LSAMP Program student participants who are graduating in May 2011 with close to a 4.0 GPA are three Electrical Engineering majors, two Mathematics majors, one Civil Engineering major, two Computer Engineering majors, two Biology majors, and one Information Technology major. Several other students graduating in May 2011 have developed profiles that make them very competitive graduate school applicants, as well as highly sought after by STEM employers. These upcoming graduates spent time during the fall 2010 kick-off meeting discussing the importance of taking advantage of academic support services such as one-to-one tutoring and study groups where knowledge experts are available to facilitate the sessions.

Incoming students look to their Alliance peers for success stories, tips,
and encouragement

New first year students had the opportunity during the LSAMP kick-off meeting to interact with graduating fourth year students, and to share their experiences and accomplishments.LSAMP students meeting

This enabled the new student participants to develop a better understanding of LSAMP program goals, resulting in a better appreciation for the materials covered during the Online Summer 2011 Bridge Program and the academic support services that will be available during the academic year.

Also at this meeting, fourth year participants were asked to share the accomplishments of their first three years. One student who is a Computer Science major and track star is graduating at the end of the fall 2010 semester with a better than 3.0 grade point average (GPA). He is among George Mason University's LSAMP Program's greatest success stories. After beginning his freshman year with a less than stellar GPA, he set a goal of graduating with a 3.0 GPA, with a major in CS and a minor in Communication. Some of the more recent LSAMP Program student participants single out this student as being highly influential in helping them embrace the LSAMP Program goals, and complete their STEM degree with an excellent GPA. More specifically, they were motivated to implement the required time management plan and use available academic support services.

The accomplishments of existing LSAMP students are proving to be a powerful motivating influence for new participants in the program.


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