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Peer assistance in the Saint Augustine's LSAMP program: one student's story


Jamal Pearce, a junior at Saint Augustine's College, writes about his experience as an LSAMP peer teacher:

"I participated in the VA-NC Alliance for Minority Participation program during my first two years at Saint Augustine’s College.  The program was extremely beneficial to me because it allowed me to interact with students who had similar interests and goals. 

I have always been a student who enjoyed intellectual challenges, and when I was asked to serve as a peer teacher in the program I was excited.  This would provide me with an opportunity to help other students and to also sharpen my academic skills. 

During the Fall 2010 semester I served as a peer teacher for the Principles of Biology course, which is the introductory level biology course for STEM majors.  I found this experience to be very rewarding. When I encountered students who were not motivated because they did not feel that they could do the work, I shared some of my own experiences with those students in a setting that was not intimidating. I believe that this helped them to better confront their fears, and to understand where they were academically. 

Two of these students were not doing well at mid-term.  They were actually failing the course. With my support and assistance, these two students were able to improve their work within a single semester's time, and pass the course. 

This experience has been a significant highlight in my academic journey at Saint Augustine’s College."

Jamal and his fellow students exemplify the spirit of cooperation and support that is available to VA-NC Alliance students throughout their undergraduate careers.


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