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Sanjay Ramdon, Saint Augustine's College

Sanjay Ramdon, a 2011 Saint Augustin's graduate and engineering and mathematics major, was a member of the first VA-NC Alliance Summer Research Program (2011 chemistry track). He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at Ohio State University, researching the degradation of Li-ion batteries using nanotechnology. While at Saint Augustine's, Sanjay received a full Presidential Scholarship, and tutored in mathematics and biology.

Raedeen Russell, Saint Augustine's College


Raedeen Russell graduated in 2010 from Saint Augustine's with a biology degree. She went on to George State University, where she is currently working on her master's degree in microbiology. While at Saint Augustine's, Raedeen also attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Health Careers Access Science Enrichment Program, and Medical Education Development Program. In addition, Raedeen conducted research at Stony Brook University's Center for Infectious Disease Department of Molecular Genetics.


LaToya McDonald, Saint Augustine's College

LaToya McDonald, a 2010 graduate in engineering and mathematics, is now in her second year of a Ph.D. program in mechanical engineering at Clemson University. While an undergraduate at Saint Augustine's, she participated in the Minorities Accessing Research Careers Training Program funded by NIH, conducted summer research at the University of South Carolina on cryo-preservation of deer mice oocytes, and at the University of Wisconsin, where she assisted in developing and testing properties of cancellous bone surrogates.



Oyita Udiana, Saint Augustine's College

Oyita Uduana received his BS in engineering and mathematics from Saint Augustine's College before attending graduate school at Ohio State University, where he is also a teaching assistant in mathematics. In 2009, he presented his research, Functionalization and Chaining of FeCo Magnetic Nanoparticles for Applicationa in Regenerative Medicine at Carnegie Mellon University; in 2010, Oyita and other Saint Augustine's colleagues presented The Impact of Learning Outcomes in the Basic Commnunications Course on Student Self-Assessment at the Atlantic Assessment Conference, sponsored by Meredith College in collaboration with North Carolina State University.


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