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Hiwot Woldesemayat, University of Virginia


Hiwot Woldesemayat, a biology major who graduated from the university in 2010, attended a post-baccalaureate Research and Education Program at another Alliance institution, Virginia Tech, after graduation. Hiwot is currently working on her graduate degree in microbiology at San Francisco State University.



Andrew Bennett-Jackson, University of Virginia


Andrew Bennett-Jackson, a member of the class of 2012 majoring in chemistry, was a director in UVA's volunteer tutoring program and worked in the lab of chemistry professor and MacArthur Fellow, Dr. Brooks Pate. Andrew attended the Alliance's first Summer Research Program in 2010, where he presented A Fourier Transform Microwave Spectrometer with Double Resonance Capabilities.



Juliana Cano-Mejia, University of Virginia


Juliana Cano-Mejia, an engineering undergraduate at the University of Virginia, presented reserach at the 2010 Virginia Junior Academy of Science, and in 2011 at the VA-NC Alliance Annual Symposium. Juliana ia also a writer for Spectra, the recently introduced journal of engineering and science research at the University. Juliana's article, A Review of the Pathogenesis of Necrotizing Fasciitis by Group A Streptococci appeared in the spring 2011 issue. She is also a member of the NeXT (nano and emerging technologies club) at the University of Virginia.


Matthew Manley, University of Virginia


Matthew Manley, Class of 2012, is a computer engineering major and two-time recipient of NSF scholarships. Matthew is a member of the IEEE (Institute of Elecdtrical and Electronics Engineers), and his undergraduate research project is creating software to automatically process Internet routing information to identify the number of stub Autonomous systems (network administrative organizations) that changed their Internet Service Provider over the course of the last few years. This data will be used in a statistical analysis in a professor's research project on the next generation Internet.


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