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Future JCSU Freshmen Reflect on their

Summer Successes

Dr. Carter spoke to the 28 graduates of the LSAMP Summer Science Learning Community Thursday Morning. (Photo by Joshua Nypaver)



July 17, 2008 - JCSU President Ronald L. Carter congratulated a sea of yellow-shirted JCSU freshmen who have invested in their future success by participating in rigorous math and science classes before the start of the fall semester.

Speaking to the 28 graduates of the VA-NC Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Summer Science Learning Community during the program’s closing ceremony in Grimes Lounge, in the Mary Joyce Taylor Crisp Student Union, Carter demonstrated his hallmark approach to the student body. Choosing to bypass the formal podium and stage, he walked back and forth in front of the students making eye-contact with them and addressing them directly.

He told the future members of the Class of 2012 that the world has changed, and they will be the ones at the forefront of that change. As an illustration, Carter spoke of Rosalind Kainyah and Sheila Khana, both women and both from Africa, who are executives from the international De Beers Group, and who he hosted on Monday in a meeting with Charlotte business and civic leaders.“The world is transforming. The world is anticipating that these students are going to be on that stage and I want them there,” he said.

Carter added that Kainyah accepted his invitation to return to Charlotte for a visit to JCSU where she can meet the students. “She is looking for students who get into mining, engineering, and robotics technology research because they are going to explore new diamond mines as close as Canada. She is saying ‘We are going to need people to join our company.’ Maybe you might do that. Maybe you will be the next CEO of De Beers,” Carter said.

Turning his attention to the parents in attendance to celebrate their student’s accomplishments, Carter offered a message to remain persistent in helping their sons and daughters to be everything they can be. “We want to teach them how to take the best opportunities. In order for that to happen, we’ve got to present them great ideas, great opportunities. You’ve got to encourage them. You’ve got to let them go.”

Carter encouraged the students to pursue graduate degrees. “We want them to have internships, and we want them to leave with a resume that says, yes, they are ready to enter graduate school. If you perform with passion, you will be the persons that you want to be.”

In addition to President Carter, students who took part in the program shared their reflections on what they have learned during the four-week program, which is coordinated by faculty members Sunil Gupta and B.K. Chopra. Parents also spoke about the maturing they have observed in their students since entering the program on June 22.

The 28 students involved in the program competed for openings and demonstrated academic achievement in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). This is the first year JCSU has offered the summer science program through a National-Science Foundation-funded regional alliance of eight institutions led by the University of Virginia to increase the number of minority students earning degrees in one of the STEM disciplines.

Named for civil rights advocate Louis Stokes, who was the first African-American congressman from Ohio, the four-week program brought the freshmen to campus, where they not only earned six hours of college credit, but also sampled college life by living in campus residence halls, pre-registering for the fall 2008 semester, and taking part in Golden Bull Academy orientation activities. Students involved in the program come from across the Carolinas and Virginia, as well as from Maryland, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Connecticut, and California.

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