University of Virginia
University of Virginia



The total number of underrepresented minority STEM students graduating from VA-NC Alliance partner institutions increased 67% from year one to five.
Year One 488
Year Five 815



Enrollment of underrepresented minority students in the
increased 39% from year one to five, with particular success in mathematics compared to national trends in higher education.

Year One 3,469
Year Five 4,837


Direct Participants

The Alliance increased the number of its direct participants

by over 157% from year one to five.

Year One 219
Year Five 563




The number of Hispanic/Latino students obtaining STEM degrees from VA-NC Alliance schools almost doubled in five years, from 124 to 238.

    The number of underrepresented minority students in the STEM fields who participated in Alliance activities increased by 93% in five years,

    from 911 to 1,763.

* UREP = under-represented minorities: African-Americans, Alaskan Natives, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Pacific Islanders.

* STEM = science, technology, engineering, and math fields


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