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Arabic Program
Yarmouk Program


Language Courses

ARAB 1010, 1020
Elementary Arabic
Introduces students to the sound and writing systems of Arabic, including basic sentences with brief dialogues and morphological patterns. A combination of the direct, audio-lingual, and translation methods is used. The format consists of classroom discussions of a certain grammatical point followed by intensive practice.

ARAB 2010, 2020
Intermediate Arabic
Continues training in modern standard Arabic, with emphasis on speaking, comprehension, writing, and reading. The method of teaching follows primarily the audio-lingual approach to language learning, with minimal translation at times. The instructor generally introduces a grammatical point and follows up by drilling the students intensively.

ARAB 2250
Conversational Arabic
Introduces students to spoken Arabic, with oral production highly emphasized.

ARAB 2260
Conversational Arabic
Conversation based on everyday situations. enables communication with native speakers.

ARAB 2270
Culture and Society of the Contemporary Arab Middle East
Introduces the cultural traits and patterns of contemporary Arab society based on scholarly research, recent field work, and personal experiences and observations in the Arab world. No knowledge of Arabic is required. 

ARAB 3010/5010, 3020/5020
Readings in Literary Arabic
Emphasizes reading of modern texts for oral aural practice, as well as writing, use of translation being minimal. 

ARAB 3230/5230
Arabic Conversation and Composition (in Arabic)
Emphasizes development of writing and speaking skills, with special attention on grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and the organization and style of different genres. 

ARAB 3240/5240
Advanced Arabic Conversation and Composition (in Arabic)
Develops oral and written proficiency to an advanced level of fluency, with emphasis on speaking and writing. 

ARAB 3330/5330
Arabic of the Quran and Hadith I
Studys the language of the Quran and its exegesis, and the Hadith.

ARAB 3340/5340
Arabic of the Quran and Hadith II
Continues the study of the language of the Quran and its exegesis, and the Hadith.

ARAB 4930, 4940
Independent Study in Arabic

ARAB 5280
The History of the Arabic Language
Traces history of Arabic and its development up to present day. Studies relation of Arabic to other languages that come in contact with it either through genetic relationship, such as Hebrew, Aramaic, or through conquest, such as Persian, Coptic, Berber, and others. External and internal factors of linguistic change to be examined in some detail. 

ARAB 5830
Topics in Arabic Prose
Emphasis on reading modern Arabic prose, and writing descriptive and narrative short essays. 

ARAB 5840
Topics in Arabic Prose
Exposure to selected reading material in modern Arabic prose, and writing of short essays, summaries, descriptive pieces, in Arabic. 

ARAB 5850
Media Arabic
Examination of electronic (television and radio) and print (newspapers, magazines, periodic publications) Arabic. 

ARAB 5860
Nineteenth Century Arabic Prose
Examination of Arabic writing in the 19th century, a period of renaissance in the Arabic language. 

Arabic In Translation

ARTR 3290/5290
Modern Arabic Literature in Translation
Introduction to the development and themes of modern Arabic literature (poetry, short stories, novels, and plays). Taught in English. 

ARTR 3390
Love, Alienation, and Politics in Contemporary Arabic Novel
Introduction to the Arabic Novel with emphasis on a medium for expounding political issues of the Arab world.






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