Departmental Policy on the Graduate Research Assistant

The Graduate Research Assistant facilitates faculty members with their personal research activities. The chairman and the graduate director may also request assistance on behalf of the graduate program. Duties include such things as bibliographical searches for research materials, photocopying articles or parts of books, and perhaps some filing or organization of research materials. The job pays $1000 a term, that is, $10.00 an hour for 100 hours of work.

The job does not entail clerical work, or anything to do with course preparation (for instance, pulling slides, preparing exams, administering exams, etc.), or posting study photographs. TA's may be asked to help with course related tasks. Graders do just that.

The research assistant will introduce him/herself to the faculty at the beginning of the fall term; provide faculty with appropriate contact information; and check his/her mailbox on a regular basis for requests from faculty.

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