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Elizabeth Bartlett

B.A., Classical Languages and Literature, Scripps College, 2006
M.A., Classical Archaeology, University of Arizona, 2008
Ph.D. Candidate, ABD

Elizabeth began her interest in the Classical world during her undergraduate years at Scripps College in Claremont, CA, when she excavated at the Etruscan/Roman site at Campo della Fiera (Orvieto) in Italy (2004). Elizabeth returned to excavate at Orvieto the following summer (2005), and also spent time excavating another Etruscan site at Poggio Civitate near Siena. At the University of Arizona, Elizabeth TA-ed for various Roman art and archaeology courses and also was a substitute Latin teacher at a local middle school and high school. Her MA thesis was entitled "Persephone as the archetypal 'bride of Hades': an examination of Athenian tragedy, Hellenistic epigrams, and Classical vase painting". The summer before she finished her MA at Arizona, Elizabeth was a student of the AAR Summer Program in Archaeology and dug at the Meta Sudans/Palatine Northeast (Rome) (2007). She returned the following summer to Rome as a participant in the AAR Summer Program in Roman Pottery (2008). Though all of her archaeology experience has been in Italy, her doctoral dissertation, "The Iconography of the Athenian Hero on Late Archaic Greek Vase-Painting," pertains to a Greek topic.

Elizabeth participated in the ASCSA Summer Session (2009), and spent her 2011 Fall semester as a Student Associate Member of the ASCSA. While writing her dissertation, Elizabeth has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Arizona (Spring 2012), an Adjunct Professor at the University of Richmond (Fall, 2012), teaching "Greek and Roman Mythology: Epic," and a lecturer at The University of Virginia teaching a self-designed upper level undergraduate seminar on "Gods and Heroes in the Ancient World."

When Elizabeth is not in her office or at the library, she is a coach, trainer, and athlete at a local weightlifting and Crossfit gym. In her spare time she enjoys salsa dancing and Argentine tango.

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