Current Students

Elizabeth W. Doe

B.A., Art History, Dartmouth College, 2012
Nineteenth-century European Painting

Elizabeth came to the University of Virginia after having graduated magna cum laude with high honors from Dartmouth College. Her undergraduate thesis, "John Singer Sargent's Escapism: Theatricality and the Exotic in his Early Figural Paintings," explored Sargent's early travels and paintings of women as responses to the well-established precedent of French Orientalism while simultaneously engaging with and reshaping the visual tenets of Realism and Impressionism. Following her undergraduate work, Elizabeth served as a Teaching Assistant in Rome for Dartmouth's Art History Foreign Study Program.

Under the guidance of Professor Betzer, Elizabeth intends to pursue a study of transnational artists whose travels to North Africa, Turkey, and southern Spain lay outside a typical Grand Tourist itinerary and whose ensuing work, both thematically and formally, challenged the expectations of patrons and critics.

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