Current Students

R. Benjamin Gorham

BA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Latin, 2008,
MA, University of Arizona, Classical Archaeology, 2012
Current PhD student

R. Benjamin Gorham entered the graduate program in the History of Art and Architecture in Fall 2012 as a Jefferson Fellow. Ben studies the archaeology of ancient Rome and Greece, specializing in the design of religious structures.

At the University of Arizona, Ben completed his Master's thesis under the direction of Drs. Mary Voyatzis and David Soren on the topic of liminality and permeability in Greek and Etruscan temple architecture. While at Arizona, Ben taught undergraduate courses in Latin and mythology, complementing his study of archaeology with a graduate minor in Classical Philology, and Latin and Greek continue to inform many aspects of his studies.

Ben has excavated at the Etruscan site of Poggio Civitate at Murlo in Tuscany under the guidance of Dr. Anthony Tuck of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, which was supplemented by post baccalaureate coursework at the University of North Carolina in provincial Roman archaeology.

Currently, Ben is investigating topics of Roman urbanism, digital technology in archaeology (GIS), as well as the built environment of monumental architecture in the Roman Republic and early Empire.

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