Current Students

Ethan Gruber

BA, History, The Pennsylvania State University, 2006

Ethan is the Web Services Developer for the American Numismatic Society. With more than five years of experience in digital humanities and cultural heritage informatics, Ethan is responsible for developing the public interfaces for the society's collection of objects and archives, as well as separate projects related to Roman and Greek coins and coin hoards.

In his graduate studies, he applies his technical abilities to academic projects, such as the digitization of the University of Virginia Art Museum numismatic collection and several 3D modeling projects, including Pompeii's House of the Faun and the House of the Drinking Contest near Antioch. He specializes in the recontextualization of art within built environments through lighting simulation. Ethan is also member of the Pompeii Forum Project and will contribute 3D models as part of its final publication.

University of VirginiaSchool of Architecture