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Stephanie Layton-Kim

BA, Classics and Archaeology, The George Washington University, 2003
MA, Classical Archeology, Florida State University, 2006
Ph.D. student

Stephanie Layton began her studies in Classical Archaeology during her undergraduate career at GWU, during which time she excavated at Shuter's Hill in Alexandria, VA. She continued her excavation work in graduate school, participating in the FSU excavations at the Roman and Etruscan site of Cetamura del Chianti during the summers of 2003-2007, serving as Assistant Field Director in 2006-2007. Stephanie's Master's thesis is entitled The Bucchero Pottery from Cetamura del Chianti (1978-2003) and she presented a paper on her bucchero research at the 2005 CAMWS meeting in Gainesville, FL and the Cetamura symposium at FSU in 2006. Stephanie has also presented a paper titled "Research at Cetamura del Chianti (Civitamura), 2001-2006" at the 2007 AIA conference in San Diego, CA.. At UVA, Stephanie is currently working on her dissertation titled, Objects, Images, and Spaces: the Archaeology of Performance in Etruria. She is currently a lecturer in Washington, DC at the Catholic University of America and the George Washington University.

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