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Murad Khan Mumtaz

B.F.A., National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan, 2004
M.F.A., Visual Arts, Columbia University, 2010
PhD Student, University of Virginia, 2012-Present

A native of Lahore, Murad is a second year graduate student in the Art History Department studying South Asian art with a focus on Indian painting. His interest in North Indian painting traditions grows out of his practice as an artist trained in Mughal techniques. Prior to pursuing PhD study, he completed an MFA from Columbia University, which he attended on a Fulbright Fellowship. He has exhibited his work internationally and is represented by Tracy Williams, Ltd., in New York.

His research focuses on the history of materials and techniques in North Indian painting, with a special focus on traditional pigments. His recent interests have also expanded into studying 18th and 19th century painting from Punjab, considering both the materiality of the artworks as well as the socio-cultural context of their production.

He has written extensively on the relationship between contemporary miniature painting practice and its traditional precedents. Recent publications include "Miniature Painting in Pakistan: Divergences Between Traditional and Contemporary Practice", written for the Guggenheim Global Art Initiative, February 2013, and "Reconciling Tradition and Contemporary Practice in Present Day Miniature Painting in Pakistan", Hand Papermaking Magazine, Winter 2012.

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