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Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati

B.A. Summa cum Laude in Classics, minors in Art History and Philosophy, SUNY at Buffalo, 2003
M.A. Art History, SUNY at Buffalo, 2010
Ph.D. Candidate, Classical Art & Archaeology

Veronica's primary academic interests are South Italian pottery and vase-painting iconography, performance theory and practice in the ancient world (dramatic, musical, religious), ceramic analysis and archaeometry, and the relationship between text and material culture in antiquity. Her M.A. thesis, directed by L.V. Watrous and B.A. Ault, explored the connections between oral epic traditions and the iconography of Boiotian-Tenian relief pithoi in the 7th century BCE. Veronica's current dissertation research, directed by T.J. Smith, focuses on the iconography of musical performance and questions of identity in 4th century BCE South Italian vase-painting.

Veronica has excavated at Gournia on Crete (2009), Santa Maria di Agnano in Puglia (2011), and Morgantina in Sicily (2012). In Summer 2013 she participated in the American Academy in Rome Summer Program in Roman Pottery and the PARP: Porta Stabia study season, supported in part by the CAMWS Janice and Herbert Benario Award.

In Fall 2013, Veronica is the Teaching Assistant for Greek Art & Archaeology; at UVA, she has previously served as a TA for Etruscan & Roman Art & Archaeology, Architectural History & Urbanism II – 1400-Present, and History of Art I. At SUNY at Buffalo, Veronica had the opportunity to TA for World Civilizations I and to teach History of Art I.

Veronica is a President's Fellow, a 2013-14 Praxis Fellow in the Scholars' Lab, and a 2012-2014 participant in the Tomorrow's Professor Today program offered by the Teaching Resource Center. In addition, she is the 2013-14 Vice-President for Outreach of the Charlottesville Chapter of the AIA.

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