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Victoria Valdes


Victoria Valdes has been a member of the University of Virginia's graduate program in Art and Architectural history since 2008. As a presidential fellow, she developed her interest in female monastic practice and the art of the convent in her master's thesis, Women, Metalwork and the Frauenstift Essen in Ottonian Germany. She served as a teaching assistant for a number of classes and in 2012 won the departmental award for outstanding performance as a teaching assistant.

Currently an ABD student, Victoria is working on a dissertation connecting Ottonian visual culture and the important role of courtly modalities of patronage cultivated by women for the creation of an Ottonian imperial identity. Her areas of expertise include metalwork and illuminated manuscripts of the tenth and eleventh centuries. Her work emphasizes the interrelation of visual works, literature and performance in the negotiation and establishment of power relationships.

Fall 2012 finds her teaching a lecture class in Art and Architectural History, "Age of Cathedrals," which explores late Romanesque and Gothic church building in the middle ages and associated works of art. Victoria is a member of the Interdisciplinary Medieval Colloquium, and in spring 2013 she will serve as UVA's representative on the Exemplaria interdisciplinary panel at Kalamazoo.

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