Current Students

Anne Williams

B.A., History of Art, University of Virginia, 2008
M.A., History of Art and Architecture, University of Virginia, 2011
Ph.D. Student, History of Art and Architecture, University of Virginia

Anne studies Northern Renaissance art under the direction of Professor Larry Goedde. She is currently working on her dissertation, which is focused upon the integral role of humor and satire to the iconography of Saint Joseph in the art of Germany, the Burgundian Netherlands, and France, c. 1300 -1520. Her M.A. thesis, titled "Theology and the Everyday Saint: Dramatic Influence in Meister Bertram's Petri-Altar," interprets Bertram's paradoxically exemplary and humorous character of St. Joseph through the lens of fourteenth- and fifteenth-century German Cradle plays.

University of VirginiaSchool of Architecture