Language Exams

The language exam will be administered on a set day and time. Students should pick up their exam packets from Millie Dean in the Art Department Office and may take the exam to a location of their choosing to complete. All students will have the same one hour period for the exam.

A student who has a conflict with the regularly scheduled exam time should contact the faculty member administering graduate exams as soon as possible. She/he will set up an exam time for that student at the earliest opportunity after the regular date.


How long is the passage I’ll have to translate and how long do I have?
You’ll be asked to translate a page (or so) of straightforward, exhibition-catalogue type writing. You’ll have exactly one hour. Please keep in mind that accuracy is relatively more important than completeness; an incomplete translation can receive a passing grade if it well done.

Can I use a foreign language dictionary?
Yes, but you need to bring your own.

My handwriting is awful; will you be able to read it?
Tests can be submitted in a legible handwritten version. Anyone who wishes to turn in a typewritten exam is authorized to take extra time for typing after the conclusion of the hour, with the strict understanding that there will be no more work along the way to correct or polish up the existing translation.

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