Distinguished Majors Program in Art History General Guidelines

Hard copy of these guidelines is available here.

Success in the DMP program is dependant on good communication between the student, the faculty advisor, and the DMP coordinator. Certain details of these guidelines may be adjusted by the faculty advisor to meet the particular needs of an individual subject or sub-discipline of Art History.

  • The thesis should be approximately 50 pages in length. The number of pages does not include footnotes/endnotes, bibliography, or illustrations.
  • 12-pt font
  • 1-inch margins
  • Page numbers in lower right-hand corner

Order of Documents Table of Contents Acknowledgements
List of Illustrations
Bibliography/Works Cited
Tables/Appendix (if needed)
Illustrations (if needed

Citation Style
Unless otherwise specified by their DMP advisor, students should use the Chicago Manual of Style to format all references and bibliography. The Manual is available online and at all University libraries.

List of Illustrations
This should include, in order of appearance within your text, all pertinent information regarding the image: artist, title, date, type of media, size, and location when applicable.

Thesis Binding
Three (3) bound copies of the thesis need to be submitted no later than 5:00 pm on the day of the deadline: one to the advisor, one to the 2nd reader, and one to the DMP coordinator. 'Comb' binding or the equivalent is recommended. Please allow time to have your thesis bound in order to have it ready for submission by the deadline.

Most Art History research projects can benefit greatly from firsthand knowledge of the objects or monuments themselves. Research and travel funds are available from the College of Arts and Sciences, Echols Scholars Program, Raven Society, Hereford College, and the Center for Undergraduate Excellence, among others. Please ask the DMP coordinator for details.

Suggested Timetable

  • End of Fall semester, 3rd year - meet with DMP Program Director to declare intention to apply for admission to the program

  • Spring Semester, 3rd year - Enroll in ARTH 4051

  • Early April of 3rd year - apply to DMP Program, including form (available online) and brief project proposal. This should be done in consultation with a faculty member who has agreed to act as advisor for the thesis.

  • Summer between 3rd and 4th years - begin basic reading in research area; if possible, visit collections, sites, or museums relevant to project.

  • Early Fall semester, 4th year -
    Enroll in ARTH 4998 under your DMP advisors name/section.
    Meet with DMP coordinator and other DMP students.
    Make a schedule of meetings and research with advisor.
    Familiarize yourself with the Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library.
    Conduct preliminary reading/research.
  • End of Fall semester, 4th year - Submit thesis outline and bibliography to advisor.

  • Spring semester, 4th year -
    Enroll in ARTH 4999 under your DMP advisors name/section.
    Meet regularly with thesis advisor as you write and revise project.
    Theses from past years are available for consultation in the office of the DMP coordinator.
  • April 15th, 4th year - Submit completed thesis in three (3) bound copies.

    Tyler Jo Smith, Associate Professor,
    DMP Coordinator 2010-2011

    Updated September 2012

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