In the wake of the white-supremacist terrorism of August 11-13, we wish to highlight and paraphrase some of the comments of Ian Baucom, Dean of Arts and Sciences:
Be assured that the Art Department remains a space where all can pursue the dialogue that counters the lies of racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, and nativism.
We are prepared to stand up for and support those who have been singled out as targets for hatred. The courage of free thought opposing cowardice and bigotry endures and persists here despite violence.

Course offerings

Please check the Online COD to confirm the following information. Updates can occur at any time and the information here is to be used as a guideline.

Lecture Course: Principles and Practices of Arts Administration
Offered in the fall semester, this survey course of the field of Arts Administration places practices for effective management within some broader principles of the role of the arts in American society. The course uses cases, discussions, and participatory pedagogy to address a central question of how one manages artistic creativity and the artistic experience while facilitating the creative impulse.

Seminar Course: Marketing in the Arts
Arts marketing balances the desires of an audience with the need to nurture and facilitate artists and their work. As an interpreter of the work, the marketer uses both the tools of business: management, marketing, financial accounting, operations and negotiation; and the tools of community building: fundraising, development, education, outreach, volunteerism, public policy and partnerships to create thriving cultural exchanges. Group work for a real-world project around Grounds is balanced by individual case responses and a final marketing plan.

Seminar Course: Arts Development and Board Management
Explores the techniques and rationales behind the giving and raising of funds, and the closely related skills of leading and managing trustees, boards and volunteers. The course examines these fields using both theory and the practical application of real-time projects benefiting the arts at UVA. Distinguished guest speakers augment discussions on grant writing, corporate, government and individual giving, the preparation of organizations and creation of strategies for development campaigns surrounding community building for arts and other non-profit organizations.

The Arts in Context Series
Four lecture courses have been created to date, each examining the Arts within a broader human context: The Arts & Intellectual and Cultural Property ('07), The Arts in Community / Community in the Arts ('08), The Arts & Medicine ('09), and The Arts & Technology ('10). Combined, these courses seek to demonstrate how the arts are richly embedded in all human affairs and give examples of how the arts express meaning in unique holistic ways through the mind, heart and soul.

Issues of Cultural and Intellectual Property | Spring 2007

The Arts in Community / Community in the Arts | Spring 2008

The Arts in Medicine / Arts for Health | Spring 2009

The Arts and Technology | Spring 2010

The Arts & Community | Spring 2011

The Arts & Education | Spring 2012

The Arts & The Environment / Ecology of the Arts | Spring 2013

The Arts & Public Policy | Spring 2014

The Arts & Spirituality | Spring 2015

The Arts & Athletics | Spring 2016