In the wake of the white-supremacist terrorism of August 11-13, we wish to highlight and paraphrase some of the comments of Ian Baucom, Dean of Arts and Sciences:
Be assured that the Art Department remains a space where all can pursue the dialogue that counters the lies of racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, and nativism.
We are prepared to stand up for and support those who have been singled out as targets for hatred. The courage of free thought opposing cowardice and bigotry endures and persists here despite violence.

Visiting artists

Along with our Ruffin Gallery exhibitions during the school year, the Studio Department has a very active visiting artist program. The faculty, by virtue of their connections in the national and international art world, are able to draw important and diverse contemporary artists to the University from around the world. Throughout the academic year, visiting artists in all media offer lectures, workshops, and studio visits.

Visiting artist lectures

February 5th, 5:00 pm
Marisa Williamson

Multi-Media Artist Talk

Harrison Small Auditorium

Past Lectures

January 25th, 2017
Laura Doggett

Documentary Arts & Media
Campbell Hall 158

February 7th, 2017
Tyler Green

Modern Art Notes
Campbell Hall 153

February 13th, 2017
Terri Weifenbach

Campbell Hall 160

February 22nd, 2017
John Arnold and Christian Jankowski

Campbell 158

February 24th, 2017
Adam Schreiber and Jessica Mallios

February 28th, 2017
J. Morgan Puett

Campbell Hall 153

March 28th, 2017
Christen Patterson

Campbell 153

Recent visiting artists

Janine Antoni
Cam Archer
Michael Bell-Smith
Randy Bolton
Tom Burckhardt
Kendall Buster
David Bunn
William Christenberry
Dawn Clements
Cecelia Condit
Linda Conner
Tim Davis

Laura Doggett
Patrick Dougherty
Ellen Driscoll
Nicole Eisenman
Hasan Elahi
Emmet Gowin
Paul Graham
Brent Green
Sam Green
Ann Hamilton
Julie Heffernan*
Daniel Heyman
Michael Kruger
Karen Kunc

Ellen Kuras
Judith Linhares
Danny Lyon
Sally Mann
Suzanne McCelland
Abelardo Morell
Stanley Nelson
J. Morgan Puett
Martin Puryear
Claudia Rankine
Elena Sisto
Thomas Struth
Nato Thompson
Annu Vertanen
Terri Weifenbach
Stephen Westfall*

* These artists have been Painters-in-Residence. For more about the Lee E. Fleming Fund for Visiting Artist in Painting, visit this page >

      Marisa Williamson

      Laura Doggett

      Cover page of Tyler Green's podcast Modern Art Notes.

      Christian Patterson in the studio.