In the wake of the white-supremacist terrorism of August 11-13, we wish to highlight and paraphrase some of the comments of Ian Baucom, Dean of Arts and Sciences:
Be assured that the Art Department remains a space where all can pursue the dialogue that counters the lies of racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, and nativism.
We are prepared to stand up for and support those who have been singled out as targets for hatred. The courage of free thought opposing cowardice and bigotry endures and persists here despite violence.

Graduate students, 2016-2017

Nenette Arroyo | PhD, Wilson
Jennifer Camp | PhD, Higginbotham
Alicia Caticha | PhD, Betzer, Fordham
Lucia Colombari | PhD, Turner
Katelyn Crawford | PhD, McInnis
Alicia Dissinger | PhD, Smith
Elizabeth Doe Stone | PhD, Betzer
Janet Dunkelbarger | PhD, Dobbins
Elizabeth Dwyer | PhD, Fiorani
Elyse D. Gerstenecker | PhD, Wilson
R. Benjamin Gorham | PhD, Dobbins
Justin Greenlee | PhD, Fiorani
Cecilia Gunzburger | PhD, Goedde
Erik Harrington | PhD, Goedde
Mary Haviland | PhD, Crane
John Hawley | PhD, Goedde
Catherine E. Hundley | PhD, Reilly
Eric R. Hupe | PhD, Fiorani
Melanie Kirschner-Perlstein | PhD, Turner
Electra McKinnon | PhD, Summers
Clara Ma | PhD, Wong
Justin Mann | PhD, Kondyli
Katherine Miller | PhD, Wilson

Murad Khan Mumtaz | PhD, Ehnbom
Eleanore Neumann | PhD, Fordham
Najee Olya | PhD, Smith
Kelvin Parnell Jr. | PhD, Higginbotham
Corey Piper | PhD, McInnis
Emily C. Reed | PhD, Turner
Camille Shamble | PhD, Crane
Dylan W. Spivey | PhD, Fordham
Sean Tennant | PhD, Dobbins
Lauren Van Nest | PhD, Ramírez-Weaver
Meaghan Walsh | PhD, Higginbotham
Claire Weiss | PhD, Dobbins
Chloe Downe Wells | PhD, Turner, Betzer
Thomas M Winters | PhD, Goedde
Jinchao Zhao | PhD, Wong