In the wake of the white-supremacist terrorism of August 11-13, we wish to highlight and paraphrase some of the comments of Ian Baucom, Dean of Arts and Sciences:
Be assured that the Art Department remains a space where all can pursue the dialogue that counters the lies of racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, and nativism.
We are prepared to stand up for and support those who have been singled out as targets for hatred. The courage of free thought opposing cowardice and bigotry endures and persists here despite violence.

Selected Public Lectures, Workshops, & Conferences

"State Interventions in Technology: The Case of Fifteenth-century Ottoman Compound Weaves"
Textiles & Identity in Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean
British School at Athens (June 2016).

"Ottoman Silks between the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean"
Public lecture, Islamic Art Circle, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, (November 2014).

Chair, Empires of the Eye: Ottoman Material Culture and its Place in Birmingham
British Academy / Leverhulme Trust-funded workshop at the University of Birmingham and Birmingham Museums Trust (April 2014).

Getty Research Institute Symposium, Connecting Seas
Los Angeles, (April 2014).

"The Ottoman Silk Industry, 1600-1750: Technology and Aesthetics at Play"
Public lecture, Museum für angewandt Kunst, Vienna, (June 2013).

"Enthusiasm, Demand, Market: Ottoman Textiles c. 1730"
Public lecture, Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, Honolulu, (July 2012).

"The Hapsburg Envoy's Rose-covered Cushion: The Consumption and Production of Ottoman Velvets, 1600-1750"
Musée Gadagne, Lyon (November 2012).

Le Commerce de Luxe—le Luxe de Commerce Conference
Public lecture, Museum für Islamische Kunst, Berlin, (April 2012).

Organizer, Acquire and Admire: Objects and Their Owners in Diyarbakιr, Van and Sarajevo
Panel at the 12th Annual Conference on Ottoman Social and Economic History, Retz, Austria (July 2011).

Workshop, Historical Systems of Innovation: The Culture of Silk in the Early Modern World (14th-18th Centuries)
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, (December 2010).

Co-chair, Adriatic Frontiers Workshop, 13th Annual Mediterranean Research Meetings
European University Institute, Florence-Montecatini, (March 2010).

"International Enthusiasm, Consumption, Demand: Ottoman Velvets and their Imitators"
Consumption: Ottoman and Global Conference
Istanbul Bilgi University, (September 2009).