Ruffin Distinguished Artist in Residence

The Peter B. and Adeline W. Ruffin Foundation established the Ruffin Distinguished Artist in Residence in 2012. The endowment created an annual teaching position designed to bring artists of significant international stature to the University on a rotating basis. Every year the newly appointed Ruffin Artist in Residence offers unique classes, gives a public lecture and has an exhibit or screening of their work for the university community. Throughout the academic year students have the opportunity to interact directly with the artist through seminars and critiques.

Current Ruffin Distinguished Artist

Laura Doggett, Spring 2017

Terri Weifenbach, Spring 2017

J. Morgan Puett, Spring 2017

Past Ruffin Distinguished Artists

Mark Dion, 2015-16

Claude Wampler, 2014-15

Cindy Bernard, 2013-14

      Mark Dion, The Phantom Museum (Wonder Workshop), 2015

      Claude Wampler, Trailing Spouse, 2015

      Cindy Bernard and students