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Since the summer days in 1912 when the young Georgia O’Keefe came to study drawing with Alon Bement, Studio Art classes have been part of the University of Virginia’s liberal arts curriculum. Today, Studio Art at U.Va. is a rigorous undergraduate program in the College of Arts and Sciences. The department teaches artistic skills and application in the following areas: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, new media, print making, film, installation and performance art. Courses acquaint the student with the concerns and issues of visual art through practical studio experience.

Painting Studio

Aqua Bar


Megan Marlatt, "French Garden/Propeller"


The art department’s studio major is designed to accommodate students with various interests and abilities.  It serves students who expect to become professional artists as well as welcoming those who plan to pursue careers in fields requiring creative, spatial and design abilities. Many Studio Art majors also go on to pursue graduate studies at leading institutions around the country.

In addition to taking courses across the spectrum of studio art, students are also encouraged to take courses in Art History so that they may acquire knowledge of the wide range of artistic expression and interpretation found in different cultural periods.  Students who wish to do intensive work in a single area may work in project courses that provide both flexibility and faculty feedback.


Above: Megan Marlatt, "French Garden/Propeller"
Studio photograph by Abigal Jenkins