The University of Virginia

Painting Safety Contract for

McIntire Department of Art Painting Studio

Instructions: Print and complete this form and return to your professor.

By signing this form, I am indicating that I have read and clearly understand the Studio Art Painting Safety Contract.


  • ALL flammable solvents (mineral spirits or turpentine) must be stored in the appropriate yellow safety cabinet
  • Storage of solvents in student's lockers, in/on painting tables or left out in the studio is prohibited
  • ALL containers that are stored in the yellow fire safety cabinets must be clearly labeled with the following information:
    • (this does includes water, if used for painting and stored in the cabinet)
      • a. Students name
      • b. All contents of container, NO abbreviations
      • c. Instructors name
      • d. Current semester


      Ex. Students Name - Mineral Spirits, Linseed Oil- Professors Name - Fall 2005

  • All containers must have a lid that fits properly. Absolutely no tin foil or plastic wrap lids, etc.
  • All containers must be covered tightly at all times when not in use. This includes medium you are using to paint with, solvent waste containers, and rag waste containers
  • Yellow fire safety cabinet doors must be kept closed and latched when not in use
  • No trash other solvent-contaminated rags or paper towels may be put into the Hazardous Material Container (35 gallon black drum with red lid). Note: Dry paint, plastic gloves, food, paintbrushes go into the regular trashcan, not the red hazardous materials container!
  • Used solvents must be disposed of by pouring them into the plastic carboys provided for that purpose. These are located in the yellow safety cabinets. These containers must remain capped at all times when not in use. Do not leave funnels in waste containers
  • Any container left unopened or unlabeled will be removed from the safety cabinets and the studio
  • The following people check these cabinets and studios: Eric Schmidt (Studio Tech) on a daily basis and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) on a monthly basis

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety



  • Do not wash solvents or oil paints down the sink! EVER! Even excessive amounts of water- based paints should not be washed down the sink
  • Painting classes using mineral spirits/turpentine/stand oil/linseed oils/etc:
    • This waste goes into carboy containers labeled for Waste Mineral Spirits/Turpentine Only
    • Do not discard into sink
    • Spills of solvents and excessive amounts of paints should be cleaned up with rags or paper towels.
    • Rags and paper towels should then be discarded into Hazardous Material Container.
    • Liquid solvents are never to be poured into the Hazardous Material Containers (the red bins)



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