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Each year, approximately sixty students major in Studio Art. Faculty teach all courses, rather than graduate students. All classes are taught in the atelier style, ensuring that each student receives considerable one-on-one attention. All fourth year majors are required to complete a senior exhibition and a Distinguished Major in Studio Arts is available to all students with a 3.4 GPA and demonstrated ability and desire.

Approximately 20 percent of Studio Art majors go on to graduate work within the fine arts. Placement has been good, including admission to top national programs. The other 80 percents pursue careers in art-related fields, including graphic and fashion design, medical illustration, art therapy, illustration, museum work, gallery management, advertising design, and art education. 

While special application to the Art Department is not necessary when a prospective students applies to U.Va., supplemental materials may be considered in the applications process.  Please follow the requirements for portfolio submission.


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Banner Photograph William Wylie
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